The Holy Bible

Reasons to read the Holy Bible

It is hard to find a person, who has never heard of the Holy Bible. However, only some people have read it, because they think that this book should be read only by the religious people, which is a misconception. Most of the writers, poets, and scientists all over the world, are confident that the Bible should be included in the school and college education programs. First of all, it is essential to understand that this book is a great example of a literary work, where it is possible to learn different writing techniques and get to know the history of the ancient times. People should understand that the Bible isn’t only a religious book, it is also a book where is gathered wisdom and history of ancient people. In addition, it contains moral and ethical ideas that can teach young generation something good. Most modern writers, like Andrew Motion, are confident that it is not right to read and analyze works of Shakespeare and Milton before reading and understanding the Bible.