Wine Rebellion Awards

Ok this list and any list/awards for that matter is not 100% accurate. It would be impossible to attend every winery event, winery and taste every wine offered. So here is our Wine Country Awards for 2017.

Winery of the Year: Williamson Wines

Event of the Year: Passport to Dry Creek

Disneyland Style Winery to Visit of the Year: Castello di Amorosa

Best Winery Food Pairing: Kendall Jackson

Best New Winery: Zialena


Wine Spectator Top 100 Wines of 2017

We’ve revealed the Top 100 of 2017! Each year, Wine Spectator editors survey the wines reviewed over the previous 12 months and select our Top 100, based on quality, value, availability and excitement. This annual list honors successful wineries, regions and vintages around the world.

Here you’ll find every Top 100 list back to the debut year, 1988. Since then, new regions, grapes and styles have appeared on the list, but the classics are still going strong. Enjoy browsing nearly 30 years of the world’s top wines!

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